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The commercial at right is the very definition of an Eye-Opener, because it succeeds in cutting through the clutter of political advertising that is largely devoted to demonizing the other guy.

In its own way, it is all about loving the other person, even if you hold diametrically opposite political beliefs.

The candidate is Carl Sciortino Jr., an unabashed liberal running in a Democratic primary for the right to face off against a Republican in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional District. While it isn't mentioned in the commercial, it also so happens that Sciortino is openly gay and is scheduled to marry his partner 10 days before the primary.

What makes this commercial special is that Carl Sciortino Jr. shares the screen with his father, Carl Sciortino Sr., who happens to be a Tea Party Republican. And while there is no question in the commercial that the dad is appalled by his son's political beliefs, it also is clear that there is a lot of mutual love and respect. (For the record, the son has said in interviews that it was a lot harder to tell his father that he was a liberal than it was to come out as gay.

Forget about the politics of the ad. Just look at it as a standout piece of advertising that finds a unique angle on its subject, and then spotlights it not by being negative and exploitive, but with respect and, yes, even love.

I daresay that if the positions were flipped - if the dad were the liberal and the son running for office a Tea Party conservative - the ad would work as well. I also think that either way, the commercial could serve to get people on the other side of the political aisle to at least take a look at the candidate. Maybe not vote for him, but at least pay attention to his positions. (The commercial might actually turn out the opposition, but my feeling is that anything that gets people to vote is a good thing.)

It is wonderful. And an Eye-Opener. (I think there's a TV series in these two guys...)

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