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The Associated Press reports that the fight in Washington State is "intensifying" as both sides debate the merits of a statewide initiative that would mandate the labeling of foods with genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

The statewide vote is scheduled for November 5.

The story says that "opponents of Initiative 522 have so far raised $12.1 million, with $4.8 million from Monsanto and $3.4 million from DuPont Pioneer, according to the latest reports filed with the Washington state Public Disclosure Commission. Both companies were top donors in the effort to defeat California’s Proposition 37.
The Yes on 522 campaign has raised $3.4 million, with nearly $1 million from Dr. Bronner Magic Soaps. Other top donors include the Organic Consumers Fund and Mercola Health Resources."

Opponents of the initiative say that it will result in misleading information that will frighten consumers and a costly infrastructure that will hurt farmers. Proponents say that consumers deserve to know what is in their food.
KC's View:
Count me among the latter group.

Someone said this on MNB a few months ago. Labeling isn't condemnation.. It is just information.

Companies afraid of information are not to be trusted.