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Bloomberg Businessweek reports that McDonald's is testing a mobile payment application in several markets that allows customers to order and pay for their fast food using their smartphones. Ideally, if it works, it will allow McDonald's to target and market to its best customers using the system, as well as helping app users to avoid lines by pre-ordering their food.

According to the story, the thinking is that as society becomes ever less dependent on actual cash, companies like McDonald's need to find ways to streamline and digitize the process. reports that the built-in fingerprint scanner that is part of the new iPhones announced this week by Apple "significantly streamlines user authentication and has the potential to make Apple a much bigger player in mobile commerce."
KC's View:
I hope that Apple has some bigger mobile commerce-related plans in mind for its new iPhones. Because the phones themselves don't exactly seem to be capturing the imagination of the public.