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Advertising Age reports that on Monday, September 9, Kmart made the "unprecedented move" of airing its first Christmas commercial, "which promotes the retailer's layaway program, features a gingerbread man sneaking up on a woman working in an office cubicle. A voiceover says: 'Don't let the holidays sneak up on you. Shop early with Kmart free layaway. … Kmart. Get in, get more Christmas'."

The ad came almost two months earlier than Kmart's first holiday ad in 2012.

Ad Age notes that "almost immediately consumers took to Kmart's Facebook page to complain about the early arrival of a Christmas ad. The brand has been thanking people for their feedback and noting, 'We're just really excited for the holidays and layaway'."

The story goes on to say that "in years past, it's not been unusual for retailers to begin digital promotions or social media efforts well in advance of the holidays. But TV ads have typically been kept under wraps until late October. One notable exception: A year ago Target aired its first holiday ad on Oct. 7, more than three weeks before Halloween."
KC's View:
I'll answer the question in the headline.

Yes, it is way, way too soon.