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In a mark of how the digital world continues to intrude on traditional media culture, Robert Albritton, the owner of Politico, said yesterday that he has acquired Capital New York, an online news site. Albritton says he plans to make a "substantial financial investment" to turn Capital New York into a more vital competitor.

"I have very big ambitions for Capital," says Albritton, "to do in New York what we did in Washington with Politico."
KC's View:
This is no small thing.

Since its launching several years ago, has redefined national political and governmental coverage, hiring top-notch reporters and evolving into a legitimate online competitor to traditional media. In fact, when the Washington Post recently was sold to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos by the Graham family that owned it for decades, many of the postmortems noted that the decline in fortunes at the Post could be directly traced to the success of Which means that the folks at the New York Times at the very least have to be girding themselves for aggressive and relentless competitive attacks, figuring out how it needs to rethink and reconfigure its content for a new generation of consumers.

This is not all that different from what every business has to do as the digital culture continues to grow and change and reshape the competitive landscape.

BTW ... not everybody thinks that what has brought to the party has been positive. There are those would would argue that it focuses on speed and covering the "game" minutiae to a degree that would be more suitable to the sports pages, and that politics and government deserve more considered treatment. But this argument is almost besides the point.