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The Detroit Free Press has a story about how Walmart and Toys R Us "have already gotten a jump on what is expected to be a difficult holiday season."

Walmart's decision to bring back its layaway program again this year has already been reported here; it is changing some parameters, eliminating the $5 fee to join the program while bringing back a $10 cancellation fee. More than 35,000 items are part of the Walmart layaway program.

The Free Press now reports that Toys R Us is again this year offering a price-match guarantee, saying that any product bought in-store at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores will beat or match prices offered both by bricks-and-mortar retailers and online retailers, including That's a change from the past, when it excluded Amazon from its price-match program.

Toys R Us says there is an exception, though: "All bets are off from Nov. 17 through Nov. 25, when retailers often offer extreme discounts pegged to Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers."
KC's View:
There are two words that I've always felt don;t go together in any sort of promotion. "Guarantee" and "except."

Though it does appear that Toys R Us is learning the lesson of the past, which is that you can;t pretend that Amazon doesn't exist. If you're going to match prices, you have to match with Amazon. Otherwise, find another strategy.