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The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reports that Target "hopes to begin offering store-pickup services for goods bought on its website by the holiday shopping season."

In addition, the story says, Target also plans to test same-day delivery of products offered on its website - though this test will be limited to company employees in 2013. If it works, the company would then roll out the service to the general public in 2014.
KC's View:
The story quite rightly notes that there are concerns within the company that store pickup models have the potential to affect the impulse purchases that people can make while actually walking up and down the aisles and waiting at checkout. But my default response to this is three-fold.

First, it doesn't matter if customers want the pickup model. (And everything I've seen suggests that pickup models generally are more profitable and more quickly profitable than delivery models.)

Second - and this is just my own experience - I think I've probably made a lot more impulse purchases online than I ever have while in bricks-and-mortar stores. So the concerns may be unnecessary.

Third, the competition is doing it. So if you don't get into the game, you'd better have a really good alternative.