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The Triangle Business Journal reports on the acquisition by Staples of Lonesource, a North Carolina-based retailer that provides office supplies, services such as direct mail and VOIP support, and what is seen as a strong reputation for customer service.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The story suggests that Staples has begun to feel the impact of for acutely in recent quarters, and that Lonesource will offer Staples not just added business, but customer relationship expertise that could help it bolster a weakening bottom line.
KC's View:
Staples appears to believe that perhaps Lonesource offers differential advantages that it does not ... and if there is one lesson that all retailers need to learn, it is that they need to develop, expand and exploit their differential advantages wherever and whenever they can.

As in the cases of all such acquisitions, of course, the challenge will be in finding ways to absorb Lonesource's positives, as opposed to imposing on it Staples' weaknesses.