business news in context, analysis with attitude reports that "for the seventh consecutive year, consumers have chosen as their favorite online retailer.

"More than half of the 5,600 consumers surveyed - 58 percent - cite as the 'most preferred online merchant' for both apparel and non-apparel items. The survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, indicates that the online retailer is the hands down favorite; it was chosen three times as often as No. 2 (18 percent)."

The rest of the top 10 list is occupied by,,,,,,, and

The story goes on to say that "while the top 10 online retailers have remained relatively constant since 2010 — a testimony to consistently delivering on e-commerce essentials — a handful have risen appreciably since 2012. The biggest movers are, which moved from No. 44 a year ago to No. 27, and (a division of Abercrombie & Fitch), which jumped to No. 33 from No. 45 in 2012."
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