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Business Insider reports that Target is getting ready to launch a new video streaming service designed to compete with the likes of Amazon, Netflix and iTunes. Target Ticket, the story says, has been tested by employees but now will be rolled out across the country.

The story reports that "Target Ticket promises instant access to 15,000 movie titles, new releases, classic movies and next-day TV shows. Target says it will work with Windows, Macs, Xbox, iPhone/iPad and Android ... A bunch of content providers have already agreed to participate including ABC, AMC, CBS, CW, Fox, FX, HBO, The WB, NBC, Showtime, Starz, and USA."

Precise pricing details have not yet been disclosed.
KC's View:
I guess that as companies like Amazon encroach on the business being done by Target and Walmart, it becomes incumbent on these retailers to go beyond their traditional business models and fight back. After all, they're going to have to find a way to replace the DVD business - and even DVD player business - that is being made obsolete by streaming.

It better be significantly differentiated, though. Because I'm going to need a real good reason to stream videos from Target, a company that strikes me as having little expertise in this area.