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In the UK, Retail Week reports that Walmart-owned Asda Group has unveiled a program that allows consumers to pay a monthly fee - the equivalent of about $7.75 (US) - to place as many orders as they wish and have access to preferred delivery windows.

The fee is said to be significantly less than a similar program offered by Tesco and Ocado. It is, however, just an introductory offer; on September 14, the fee will go up to the equivalent of $12.45 (US), which is still less than the Tesco and Ocado fees.

And, upon close examination, there are caveats - it is limited to orders above the equivalent of $38 (US), and customers can only place one order per day.

"Competition," the story notes, "in the online grocery sector is heating up as Morrisons and the Co-op prepare to enter the rapidly growing market."
KC's View:
I'm always sort of amused by great offers that include words such as "but" and "except."