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CNBC reports that went down for about 30 minutes yesterday. The company has not commented on the reason for the outage,

The story notes that a series of website outages have taken place recently: "Last week the New York Times website was unavailable for a couple hours, from late morning until early afternoon, which the company said appeared to be the result of an "internal issue." A group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army last Thursday launched a cyber-attack that affected the websites of the Washington Post, Time and CNN, among others."

I was on Amazon yesterday when this happened. Mild panic ensued. Oy.

• On National Public Radio (NPR), The Salt reports that blueberries are less expensive this year because of a bumper crop, but while this may be a good thing for consumers, "the bounty might wreck some blueberry growers."

The story notes that the enormous blueberry crop is the result of all the positive nutritional press that the berry has received, which led existing growers to increase their planting, as well as bringing new farmers into the market. In addition, the weather has been terrific, which means that there were no losses to reduce the number of blueberries being sold.

However, the low prices being generated could take some farmers out of the market ... even while demand remains high.

I can relate. Blueberries are my new thing this year; I'm eating them almost every morning on top of my Special K Oats & Honey cereal. The reason? I got turned on to them by the Farmers' Markets in Portland this summer, and I haven't been able to stop.
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