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The New York Times yesterday had a long piece about Jeff Bezos, founder of and the new owner of the Washington Post, that details his motivations, defines his priorities, and enumerates the complexities of his various businesses.

It is worth reading, and can be found here.

But here are two snippets from the story that I found interesting.

• Before Bezos decided to call his fledgling e-business Amazon, he considered the name "Relentless."

• And this passage: "People who have worked closely with Mr. Bezos say he refuses to waste time on anything that isn’t directly about the customer. 'That’s where his ego is,' one former colleague said.

"As tech companies grow old and big, they strive to keep the energy and boldness of the start-up they once were. They almost always fail. Amazon is the exception ... As an Amazon joke has it, work-life balance is for people who do not like their work."

Check it out.
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