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• The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Starbucks is saying that it has "opened its 500th Clover brewing location, a $11,000 machine that brews one cup of coffee at a time, and added it wants to double the number of Clover locations worldwide by the end of next year." The company says that the plan is a response to growing consumer demand.

The Clover coffee brewing machine, which uses Starbucks Reserve beans, came to Starbucks in an acquisition it made in 2008 of a small coffee equipment company.

• Metro, the Canadian supermarket retailer, announced that it "will convert about half a dozen Metro stores into Food Basics discount outlets, close between one and three stores, and offer early exit to some employees," according to a Reuters story. And, the company said it "has agreed to operate Target Corp's in-store pharmacies in Quebec."

The story notes that Metro "has been facing competitive pressure, especially in Ontario, as U.S. retailers expand their operations into Canada. U.S.-based Target plans to open its first 25 stores in Quebec this fall."
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