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Advertising Age reports that Kraft Foods is looking to reverse the sales declines being suffered by its once hugely popular Jello brand "with a new campaign the marketer says will return the brand's focus to families and fun, ending the recent adult-targeted approach." The campaign, according to the story, "carries the tagline 'Fun Things Up' and will showcase gelatin and pudding. The first TV ad features a dad and his son and depicts the boy going through adult struggles like losing his hair and enduring a tough day at work. The 'chocolatey taste of Jell-O pudding makes up for all of that,' the dad tells his boy over a couple of pudding snack cups."

According to the story, "The new push is part of Kraft's larger strategy of reinvesting in its stable of classic food and beverage brands that executives feel were neglected when they were part of the larger Kraft Foods Inc., which split in two last October, forming Kraft Foods Group and the candy and snack-focused Mondelez International."

Whoever came up with an ad suggesting that Jello is an appropriate way to get over male pattern baldness clearly was someone with a full head of hair. Though, I have to admit it is a pretty cute commercial...

• The Associated Press reports that Coca-Cola "plans to run its first ad defending the safety of artificial sweeteners, a move that comes as the company looks to stem declining sales of diet soda ... It says that diet drinks can help people manage their weight and stresses the evidence showing the safety of aspartame, commonly known by the NutraSweet name."

The ad is said to be part of a broader campaign engineered by Coke to push back at critics who say that its products do not contribute to consumers' good health.
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