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Reuters reports that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is saying that calls to replace Myron Ullman as CEO of JC Penney are counterproductive, and that William Ackman - the shareholder and board member agitating for Ullman's removal - should be kicked off the JCP board.

"Mike Ullman came back really to try and save the company, and what's so perverse here, is that he's trying to save the company that Bill Ackman has basically done severe damage to," Schultz says.

Ullman, in addition to being JCP's CEO, sits on the Starbucks board of directors. He was the CEO replaced by Ron Johnson, formerly of the Apple Stores, who was brought in - at Ackman's behest - to reinvent the department store chain and move it away from its discounts-and-promotions approach to marketing. When that didn't work out - sales, traffic and profits plummeted - Johnson was fired and Ullman was rehired. But Ackman remains dissatisfied, and he released a letter to the media in which he said that a new leader should be found within a matter of months, but that a search committee and headhunter firm hired by the board "have barely begun their work."

"If I was sitting on that board, I would be asking for Bill Ackman's removal," Schultz said.
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