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by Kevin Coupe

On National Public Radio, Marketplace reports on a new study from Credit Karma saying that given a choice, significantly more Americans (72 percent) would rather be skinny and have personal debt than be debt-free and carry an extra 25 pounds.

According to the story, "Results of the survey also showed that 43 percent of adults think their weight is more important than their debt. Not surprisingly, the importance of physical appearance differed among age groups. People between the ages 18-34 were more likely to worry about their looks than Americans over the age of 55."

One of the reasons people feel that way? Experts say that "very few people see your debt balance, but everyone sees your weight"

I posed this question to Mrs. Content Guy this morning over coffee, and she said she'd rather be debt-free than thin. "If I'm debt free, I can hire a personal trainer," she said.

Practical woman, my wife.
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