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It has been interesting that in all the coverage of the decision by Ireland's Musgrave to rebrand all of the Superquinn stores that it owns and combine them with its SuperValu chain, one of the big questions that consumers have had is whether Superquinn's sausages will stay the same.

That's because Superquinn, which was founded in 1960 and became an iconic retail brand in Ireland, prided itself on making its own sausages. As the Irish Times reports this morning, founder Feargal Quinn (who sold the company in 2005), decided that sausages could be a place where the retailer could differentiate itself - and they became a symbol of the overall quality of products sold by the chain.

As the Irish economy went south after Quinn sold the company in 2005, Superquinn changed hands yet again ... and even as Musgrave was announcing that it would eliminate the banner, customers were looking for reassurance that the sausages would still be sold, and Musgrave was issuing said reassurances.

Except for one thing. The Irish Times reports this morning that for some time now, the sausages have not been made in-store or even by Superquinn ... but rather have been outsourced to a local company, ABP Meats.
KC's View:
Presumably from the same recipe. But hard to imagine that they're made with the loving care that Superquinn lavished on the category.