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Time joins in what seems to be a rash of stories about WinCo, with the common theme being that WinCo is a company that keeps Walmart executives awake at night.

"WinCo is a little-known player also because the company is a privately held enterprise that seems to take its privacy seriously, preferring a low-key, low-profile approach - which is extremely rare in a world of retailers boisterously begging for shoppers’ attention," Time writes, adding that the retailer manages to keep its prices low by being organized, minimalist, and not using distributors and other middle men when obtaining goods.

"What really might scare the world’s largest retailer is how WinCo treats its employees," the story says. "In sharp contrast to Walmart, which regularly comes under fire for practices like understaffing stores to keep costs down and hiring tons of temporary workers as a means to avoid paying full-time worker benefits, WinCo has a reputation for doing right by employees. It provides health benefits to all staffers who work at least 24 hours per week. The company also has a pension, with employees getting an amount equal to 20% of their annual salary put in a plan that’s paid for by WinCo." More than 400 non-executive employees are said to have pensions worth more than a million dollars.

And what really may keep Walmart awake is the fact that WinCo is expanding, with two stores slated to open in Texas next year, and with some analysts believing that it could double in size "every five to seven years going forward."

You can read the whole piece here.
KC's View:
The thing about WinCo is, the people there don't breathe their own exhaust. They may find all these stories vaguely annoying, but not distracting ... because they won't allow themselves to be distracted.