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BusinessNewsDaily reports on new research suggesting that "53 percent of retailers expect mobile transactions to account for a significant part of their holiday sales this year," and that 81 percent of retailer surveyed said they plan to upgrade their e-commerce platforms so they can meet this expected growth.

According to the story, "Retailers are predicting that increases in mobile sales will help their in-store sales as well since online shoppers may be drawn to physical stores to complete their purchases. Social, media on the other hand, is not predicted to have a large impact on sales, with just 16 percent of respondents saying social will drive significant sales." The story goes on to say that retailers plan "to rely on promotions in order to drive sales this year. Thirty percent of retailers say they will begin to offer promotions in October while an additional 40 percent say they will wait until November. The most popular promotions will be flash sales, free shipping offers and buy-one-get-one-free offers. "

The research was conducted by Baynote, described as "a provider of customer experience solutions for retailers."
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