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The Boston Globe reports that a new study from Technomic suggests that consumers “are eating burgers more often than ever before," with 95 percent of respondents (saying) they eat burgers at least once a month."

Technomic EVP Darren Tristano says that so-called "better burgers" are driving the trend.

“Burger-chain value menus are evolving from a sub-$1 pricing model to one that emphasizes high quality, variety, and craveability for a low price,” Tristano says. “The ‘better burger’ sector continues to thrive in the overall burger category and that shows no signs of stopping. As the burger category evolves, consumer demands are changing. Consumers expect ‘something extra’ when dining out, and better burgers - with quality ingredients and customer-chosen toppings or specialty preparations - can really help deliver that as part of a solid value equation.”
KC's View:
At least once a month?


I have a daughter who probably could eat burgers once a day, if we'd let her. Though she'd occasionally replace the burgers with meatballs, just for variety's sake.

Some of this is connected to the recession. Several years ago, there were studies saying that people were eating more gourmet burgers out because they wanted to treat themselves, but couldn't afford steak. Burgers became an affordable indulgence.

Apparently, the trend continues.