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by Kevin Coupe

No question that the Apple Store has been enormously influential in the retail sector.

Even the Microsoft Store has copied it.

And now, so has the state of Connecticut.

The Associated Press reports that AccessHealth CT, the state's insurance marketplace designed to help implement the changes in the nation's health care system called Obamacare, has decided to "set up insurance stores modeled after computer giant Apple’s establishments. They will be complete with a 'genius bar' to help guide customers through the maze of health insurance and sign them up for coverage ... The stores are a highlight of a multipronged approach to marketing what’s also known as an exchange, essentially a health insurance marketplace. Open enrollment begins Oct. 1.

"Jason Madrak, the exchange’s chief marketing officer, said there are plans to possibly open stores in New Britain, Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury. The first store should be open in mid-August. The goal is to open about five more stores after the first is fully operational."

And, Madrak adds: ‘‘We want to make sure it is in the spirit of the Apple store. A clean, well-lit, friendly place where you can come in ... We really need to make sure we have a direct, community-based presence."

Here's to the crazy ones....the ones who see things differently...
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