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• The Canadian Press reports that Walmart Canada has opened its first supercenter in the Atlantic provinces, a move seen as part of "an aggressive bid to win over customers in an increasingly competitive retail market." The company reportedly plans to build a total of nine supercenters in the region as part of a broader plan that involved the opening, remodeling or relocating of 37 stores.

It also is part of the Broader plan - as in Shelley Broader, president/CEO of Walmart Canada, who says that her focus is on creating a one-stop shopping experience. Broader also says that she's not overly concerned about the competition; Target is expanding into Canada, Sobeys acquired Safeway's Canadian stores, and Loblaws recently bout Shoppers Drug Mart.

"Our ability to grow fast is really about the demand that is driven by our customer base," she tells the Press. "We aren't competition-focused, we are really customer-focused."
KC's View:
I'm second to nobody in my admiration of Shelley Broader. And I understand that CEOs of retail companies have to say that they're focused on the customer, not the competition. But if she weren't concerned about the aggressive competition and the various moves they're making, then it would mean that she's not paying attention. And I'm reasonably sure that she's paying very close attention.