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The Associated Press reports that the US House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved a plan that it says would allow the US Postal Service (USPS) to cut as much as $4.5 billion a year from its budget - a major initiative for an institution that lost $16 billion in 2012 alone.

Among the innovations, the story says, is "a plan to move to cluster box and curbside delivery, which includes mailboxes at the end of driveways ... The cost differences are clear. Curbside delivery costs average $224 per year for each address, while cluster box delivery averages $160. Door-to-door delivery costs the agency about $350 per year, on average."

The plan would also eliminate Saturday mail delivery, but would keep six-day package delivery - a proposal that was rejected by the US Senate last year.

People with physical hardships would be able to get exemptions that would allow them to continue getting door-to-door mail delivery.

The USPS released a statement saying it would evaluate the House proposals.
KC's View:
Sure. What the hell. Give it a shot.

I haven't had mail delivered to my door in 15 years, so this isn't going to affect me. It had to be that long ago that we got a note from the USPS informing us that as a way of being more efficient, they'd be delivering mail to a mailbox at the end of the driveway. Which meant, of course, that we had to go out and buy a mailbox to put at the end of the driveway.