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by Kevin Coupe

Sometimes, I just want to share stories that I admire for being clever.

Like this one.

National Public Radio's Marketplace had a story the other day noting that when Apple released in most recent quarterly profit report, it said that it had $146 billion sitting in the bank.

So what can Apple buy with $146 billion?

Here's the Marketplace list:

• "A country full of geeks. (Apple could buy a pair of Google Glass for everyone in Germany.)"

• "Staten Island. (Apple could buy all the real estate and property in Staten Island, according to 2010 data.)"

"10 Mark Zuckerbergs. (Apple's wealth is ten times that of the Facebook founder.)"


They may say that Apple has lost a step. But there are about 146 billion reasons to think that it is going to be just fine ... that it has the wherewithal to take its time while defining the next innovation it will bring to market.

Regardless...that's clever writing. Just thought I'd share it.
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