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Yahoo! Finance reports that a new survey is out - based on employee reviews examined by - determining the nine worst companies to work for in the United States. The losing companies were, from the bottom, Dish Network, Express Scripts, Dillard's, Dollar General, RadioShack, ADT (the security company), Sears Holdings, NCR, and Fiserv.

The analysis says that "not surprisingly, employees most often complained about low wages and poor benefits. Many noted that they were paid even less than the already-low industry average for their job. Benefits, if the company provided any, were either difficult to afford or inadequate.

"While some employees at all levels were unhappy, complaints at these companies were disproportionately from sales representatives, customer service agents and technicians. These were generally lower-paid, front-line workers dealing directly with customers.

"Issues with middle management were universal among the employees of these companies, but the types of complaints varied. Depending on the company, employees felt they were micromanaged, treated unfairly or like children, or asked to meet extreme demands."
KC's View:
The good news is that MNB didn't make the list. Whew!

I think it is interesting that one thing these companies seem to share is a philosophy that the people on the front lines are not all that important, that the people who deal with customers are somehow not as critical to a business's success as the people at the top. Probably not a smart way to go...