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The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that "Phil Lempert, food-trend observer and chief executive officer of the newly formed Retail Dietitians Business Alliance, estimates that the number of registered dietitians in supermarkets, now 500 to 600, will more than double by the end of 2014."

"We know what to eat, what not to eat, know we need to exercise and so on, but the message is not getting through. We need someone to hold our hand," he says.
KC's View:
I'm not sure if all these hand-holders will be dietitians, but I certainly agree with my friend Phil that supermarkets need to do a better job of educating their shoppers. In fact, that's what I wrote back in April 2004, when I suggested that more supermarkets ought to consider installing a food-oriented version of the Apple Store's Genius Bars. Which, essentially, is what dietitians offer.