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The New York Daily News reports that "the New York Assembly’s Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection has scheduled a public hearing to debate the merits of a bill currently before the legislature that would require that manufacturers to list whether their products contain genetically engineered ingredients ... Similar measures have recently passed by the legislatures of Connecticut and Maine, but neither state will move forward with enforcement unless surrounding states, such as New York, follow suit and enact similar laws."

In addition, as reported on MNB earlier this week, an expensive and contentious debate on the issue is being waged in Washington State, where a referendum on GMO labeling will be on the ballot this fall.
KC's View:
Y'think the two sides are throwing money at this debate in DC? Wait until they start spending money on commercials and ads in the pricey NY metropolitan media market.

Still, I can't help but have the sense that there has been a shift in the winds ... and the GMO labeling forces seem to have the winds at their backs.