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Fox Business reports that McDonald's is being widely criticized for its release of a financial advice website for its employees that offered a sample budget that seemed to suggest that to survive, its employees need to have a second job.

According to the story, "The site, Practical Money Skills for Life, includes a budget journal with a sample monthly budget to help 'get your money on track' but it includes wages from two jobs. The first job brings in $1,105 a month and $955 from a second job. On the federal minimum wage of $7.25, working 40 hours a week for four weeks, an employee would earn $1,160 before taxes."

And Forbes reports that "the budget posits that health insurance costs $20 a month, that one owns a car but doesn’t have to buy gas for it." The sample budget also does not include a line for food.
KC's View:
Sounds like the folks who designed the McDonald's budget plan may be the same people who call the stuff that McDonald's serves "food."

(Okay, cheap shot. But sometimes I can't help myself.)