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by Kevin Coupe

About six weeks ago, there was a lot of discussion - here and elsewhere - of an ad for Cheerios that created controversy in some quarters because it showed the child of an interracial couple. As we noted here on MNB, "on sites like YouTube and Facebook, the ad brought out the worst in some people, as more than 700 comments that could generously be described as racist were posted. The good news - well over 6,000 positive comments were posted. But the ugliness of some of the comments led the company to remove them from its various feeds."

Well, there's a new video on YouTube that I think is worth watching - a piece done by filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine in which they interview a series of children to get their reactions to the commercial and to racial issues in general. I'm not surprised by it; I feel strongly that a lot of the cultural issues that take up so much of the national consciousness simply are not issues to many of our children. Which is a good thing.

But I share this with you because I find it to be heartening. And a nice way to end the week.

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