business news in context, analysis with attitude and Forrester Research are out with a new study saying that retailers are investing in email and paid search as top priorities as they look to capitalize on the growth of mobile traffic. The investments are being driven by the fact that retailers say that, on average, 28 percent of emails sent to customers are first opened on a smartphone; the stakes are higher for small retailers who say that on average 42 percent of their emails are first opened on a smartphone.

According to the study, "Nearly nine in 10 (87%) online retailers surveyed either already have implemented or are planning to implement mobile email optimization in 2013, and seven in 10 will optimize paid search for smartphones and tablets (71% and 73%, respectively)."
KC's View:
It isn't hard to imagine that we're quickly getting to the point where a much larger percentage of emails get opened on smartphones. Which is why retailers have to start building the relevant infrastructure now.