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A new report from The NPD Group says that "home meal replacements or prepared foods from supermarkets, drug stores, and other retail outlets will continue to capture share of the meal/snacks market by stealing visits from restaurants," and that NPD’s recent foodservice forecast through 2022 "indicates that instances of prepared food purchased at retailers for at-home consumption will increase by ten percent over the next decade compared to a four percent increase forecast for commercial foodservice traffic."

The growth seems to cut across generations, though for different reasons, the study says: "Adults 35 years and older are more likely than 18-34 year olds to use prepared foods from retail to meet their in-home supper needs.  Lunch-at-home interests are also met by these retailers, especially for seniors (65+).  Consumers 18-24 are more inclined than others to make purchases from these retail outlets to satisfy their interest in afternoon or evening snacks."

And: "In terms of prepared foods purchased, younger adults are more likely than those older to purchase pizza, hot dogs, and burgers to eat at home.  Consumers 50+ years are interested in purchasing both fried and non-fried chicken. Younger adults are more inclined to order non-fried chicken than fried chicken. The home meal replacement entrees purchased most frequently from retail outlets include chicken, pizza, and macaroni and cheese.  Sandwiches are also popular take-home items."
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