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Advertising Age reports that Chobani, the Greek yogurt company, is under pressure from activists to stop labeling its products as "real" and "natural," because it uses milk from cows that are given feed made with genetically modified ingredients.

Chobani's official response: "GMO is complex and weighs on the balance of our commitments, particularly affordability, as non-GMO ingredients are fewer and more costly. We are in the infancy of exploring how we as a company, together with our suppliers, will navigate this important issue. We have never made claims that our products are GMO-free."

The pressure on Chobani marks a new front in the anti-GMO war. Until now, most of the attention has fallen on CPG companies, with activists calling for mandatory labeling of products containing GMOs. Opponents, however, say that products made with GMOs are the same as those without them, and that labeling would frighten consumers and raise costs.
KC's View:
I'm not sure what's wrong with labeling Chobani products as "real." I mean, as opposed to what?

Once again, this story points to the need for transparency and for having clear, unambiguous rules about what things can be called. I do give props to Chobani for taking the objections seriously, and appearing to be willing to deliberate about what is right and wrong.