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The Washington Post this morning reports that Safeway plans “to open a 58,000-square-foot store in downtown Washington tomorrow, the only full-service supermarket in that neighborhood and the first store that the company has built in the District in 11 years.” The store is located at 5th Street and New York Avenue NW, described as being “on the former site of a wax museum.”

According to the story, “The store is Safeway's 17th in the city and one of only five in the company's eastern division with a nut bar, where shoppers will be able to grind their own cashew butter and other spreads. Dubbed an ‘urban lifestyle’ store by the company, it also features an open-flame hearth oven and a large assortment of wine priced up to $300. Thai chili peppers, daikon radishes and cactus leaves sat chilling in the produce section yesterday.”

KC's View:
Depending on how the elections turn out, the store may even offer lessons next year on how to field dress a moose.