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• The New York Times reports that Starbucks this week will begin offering a free newspaper in its US stores. The publication, called Good Sheet, will be a single-sponsor newspaper that will each week feature a look at one subject, such as the environment, health care, or education.

The newspaper is being published by Good magazine, “which was founded two years ago (and) has an editorial emphasis on philanthropy and activism. Some of that is translated into the Good Sheet, a folded piece of newsprint that presents information and statistics in a big graphic. The sheet on health care, for example, gives a history of government health care programs, statistics about health care spending, and suggestions about solutions, including notes on those that John McCain and Barack Obama endorse.”

The Good Sheet will be published once a week for 11 weeks – or pretty much through the US presidential election cycle.

• Published reports say that Dunkin’ Donuts remains focused on doubling its US store count to 15,000 by 2020. While the strategy is designed to help it compete more effectively with the retrenching Starbucks, it also is designed to shore up the company’s defenses in the face of companies such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s that also are getting into the coffee business.

• The Seattle Times reports that an Edmonds, Washington, pharmacy owned by Haggen Inc. is recalling prescriptions filled over the last three months as local police investigate charges that a former pharmacist in the store was filling prescriptions with expired drugs.

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