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The Associated Press reports that while a number of food manufacturers, including Kraft and Sara Lee, “pulled back on their spending as the economy soured,” they now plan major ad campaigns as they worry about consumers moving to private labels or simply buying less in the face of the nation’s economic decline.

According to the story, “Many major food makers are promising boosts to their advertising in the new fiscal year or reporting their spending is up in the most recent one. Their ads seem to be hitting a variety of outlets, including print, television, in-store promotion and the Internet -- which marketers say helps them hone in on consumers and get the most bang for their advertising buck.

Analysts say it makes sense, even as these companies grapple with high prices for oil, corn and grains.”

KC's View:
While I understand the need to cut costs in tough times, it also seems logical to amp up advertising and promotional efforts at such points because that is when the consumer may be more susceptible to appropriate messages.