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• In the UK, the Observer reports that William Morrison Supermarkets is spending the equivalent of several million dollars to develop a “Let’s Grow” educational campaign designed to get kids to grow their own vegetables.

What prompted the effort was a study that showed that 10 percent of British kids didn’t know that carrots and potatoes could be grown in a garden.

Morrison’s is engaged in a broader effort to upgrade its image as a discounter.

• The Wall Street Journal reports that Wendy’s international is testing a variety of new coffee programs in several markets, with an eye toward bolstering the chain’s beverage credibility.

USA Today reports that the Mexican Meat Council expects that shipments of meat from Mexico to the US will resume next week once sanitation control problems have been corrected. It was reported late last week that the Mexican government has “voluntarily suspended shipments of meat and processed poultry to the United States after U.S. officials raised concerns about the quality of Mexican food processing and inspections.”

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