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The Wall Street Journal reports that twenty food companies – including Smithfield Foods, Kraft, PCC Natural Markets and Unilever – have responded to a survey by the Center for Food Safety and committed to not knowingly using milk or meat from cloned animals in their products.

According to the story, “Polls have shown most consumers are uncomfortable with the idea of eating products from cloned livestock, whether for health, ethical or environmental reasons. At the same time, products from the offspring of cloned animals are trickling into the food supply. Currently, the best way for consumers to avoid such foods is to eat organic food.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that in its opinion, meat and milk from cloned animals are as safe to consume as traditional food, and US regulators no longer are asking companies to voluntarily refrain from selling cloned food products. In addition, there have been several reports of cloned food already having entered the food chain.

The FDA has denied a request by the Center for Food Safety for mandatory labeling of cloned foods.

KC's View:
I continue to believe that shoppers ought to have the right to decide whether they want to consume milk and meat from the offspring of cloned animals.