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The Boston Globe reports that “with skyrocketing fuel costs and food price inflation at 6 percent, many consumers are rethinking how and where they shop for food … Some consumers are willing to make longer trips to discount supermarkets or pick-your-own farms - even if it means using more gas - because of the savings on food.

According to the story, “Consumers young and old are taking to the fields this summer, picking their own produce for less money and visiting local farmers markets and stands as a way to avoid soaring grocery prices and address concerns about recent food scares.

“Across the country, many farmers are seeing an uptick in business; here in Massachusetts some are reporting a more than 25 percent increase in sales, though there are no official industry surveys. Local farmers are finally able to compete on cost, and even offer lower prices in some cases, than area supermarkets confronting huge increases in shipping costs to haul produce from California and beyond.”
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