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Not that long ago, there was a report from the Simmons Kids National Marketing Survey saying that more than half of kids 6-8 years old encourage their parents to buy “green” products and express concern about “green” issues, and that 75 percent of people in this age group believe in buying recycled products.

Now, according to a new study by ICOM Information & Communications, a targeted marketing group, consumers over 55 years old are the most prolific users of green products in the United States. According to the results of the survey, “Both male and female groups 55 years and over reported above average usage of environmentally friendly home goods. Leading the way was the 55-59 year-old female demographic, who was more than twice as likely as the average consumer to use green products. Males 65 69 years old were second, more than 1.7 times as likely to use than the average American.”

The survey said that 61.9 percent of respondents said that they do use some type of environmentally friendly product, and that 33 percent of the group said they did so because it “makes me feel good about myself.”

Half on non-adopters said the reason they did not purchase or use green products is because of the high price of such items, with 17 percent of people expressing skepticism that such products are good for the environment.

KC's View:
The only thing I find disheartening about this study is the idea that ICOM seems to believe that people 55 and older are in some sort of elderly demographic. I’m not there yet, but I’m close enough that it is sort of irritating.