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It was noted on MNB yesterday that Walmart has reached a settlement with its former vice chairman, Thomas Coughlin, who has been convicted of wire fraud and tax evasion. Because Coughlin’s illegal activities took place during his employment at Walmart, the company sought to void his multi-million dollar retirement package, an effort that Coughlin sought to derail.

While MNB wrote that terms of the settlement were not disclosed, an MNB user wrote in to point out that in an SEC filing, the company reported that the settlement had reduced Coughlin’s original $17 million retirement package to about $6.75 million.

KC's View:
That may be half of the original package, but it still help to assuage the pain of indictment, conviction and the awful experience of home confinement that Coughlin is enduring.

I keep thinking of Coughlin at home, wading into his swimming pool while wearing his bathrobe and feeding ducks that have come there to roost.