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The battle between Roche Bros. and Wegmans in Massachusetts has taken on new ferocity, as the Boston Globe reported that a mind of stalemate seems to be taking place in the state legislature – all over whether Wegmans should get a liquor license for a proposed new store in the town of Westwood.

One side says that Wegmans should get the license, while the other side says that it should not since a nearby Roche Bros. does not have a liquor license and would be at a competitive disadvantage. But the debate over the license has reached new proportions, with legislators on both sides virtually shutting down the conduct of business in the State House until the matter is resolved n their favor.

Wegmans has said that it may not open the store if it cannot get the liquor license. Roche Bros. has liquor licenses at three of its stores, but that is the most a single company is allowed under Massachusetts law.

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