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In the UK, the Guardian reports that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Tesco has been misleading shoppers with a campaign that alleges that its competition, especially Walmart’s Asda Group and William Morrison Supermarkets - are more expensive to shop.

The ad watchdog agency said that Tesco’s comparisons were inaccurate because they showed shopping baskets full of products and said that Tesco’s was cheaper, but neglected to mention that its basket included sale items while the others didn’t. Even though the ads didn’t say that the baskets represented a shopping basket survey in which oranges quite literally were being compared to oranges, "In view of that likely interpretation, we considered that the comparisons should include a fair and representative selection of goods," said the ASA.

According to the ruling, the Tesco ads cannot be run again without changes that will make them more palatable to the government.

KC's View:
Literal truth in advertising? Fair play among the members of the retailing class? It just all sounds so…I don’t know…British.