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Over the last couple of weeks, MNB has featured stories about gourmet ice cubes and about a restaurant in Australia that is serving waters of various kinds with the same care usually reserved for wine – choosing certain water-food pairings, being careful about temperatures, and even rating the terroir of various waters.

Well, there must be something in the air. Or in the water.

Because the Arizona Star has a story about how a buy in Tucson has created something called Fria Frozen Water that is selling like hotcakes.

In essence, Fria Frozen Water is bottled ice that “Tucsonans can buy and keep with them throughout the day to drink as it melts,” according to the story. “After months of research, (creator Jon Wilt) settled on bottle designs in 1-, 2- and 3-liter sizes, each filled with quarts of water, a quantity slightly smaller than liters, to let the water expand when frozen. And he added a little handle to the lid, making the bottles easy to carry and keeping people from freezing their hands.” The water comes from “Tucson-based Aquapure Hydration Cos., which uses municipal water and runs it through a series of filters before bottling the water and sending it out to two frozen-goods warehouses,” according to the Star.

The smallest bottles sell for $1.89, the medium for $2.39 and the large for $2.89. For ice.

KC's View:
Only in America could a guy figure out a way to repackage ice, sell it for a premium price, and suddenly look like a marketing genius.