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While Starbucks may be closing 600 stores in the US, its international growth plans continue unabated.

The latest evidence: the coffee retailer has announced that it has signed a deal with concessionaire Servex that will put Starbucks cafes in every railroad station in the Netherlands. First up is Amsterdam’s Centraal Station, which should get its Starbucks next spring.

Until now, Starbucks only has been operating in airports in the Netherlands. This is its first attempt to get a foothold elsewhere in the country.

KC's View:
However, Starbucks reportedly has been quick to say that it will not be operating a “coffee shop” in the traditional Dutch sense of the word. In Amsterdam, when you see a “coffee shop,” it is generally a place where you can not only get a cup of joe, but a hit of pot…since smoking marijuana is legal there.

Starbucks has said that it does not allow smoking of any kind in any of its stores around the world, and that the same policy will apply to Amsterdam.

Which is sort of too bad, if only because it would have opened up enormous marketing and product development possibilities for the company. Not to mention allowing it to sell a lot more of those sandwiches and pastries.