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BrandWeek reports on a new consumer trend – “precycling.”

This trend has been identified by a market research organization called The Intelligence Group, and it refers to the growing desire on the part of some consumers not just to recycle appropriate products, but to not buy items with superfluous or environmentally unfriendly packaging.

An example: The Intelligence Group recently “found that 45% of trendsetters and 14% of mainstream consumers have ‘cut down on bottled water purchases’ in the past six months, while 49% and 16% respectively have ‘cut down on use of plastic bags’ during the same period.”

KC's View:
The industry consistently has to deal with smarter consumers with evolving need sets. This is part of what John Rand of Management Ventures refers to as “the new premium” – consumers looking for products with value and values that extend beyond how they taste and what they do.