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• The Times Colonist reports that Canada Safeway has been served with a 72-hour strike notice by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), though union officials say they believe that a settlement can be reached before any job action is taken. A mediator has been appointed to work with the two sides on reaching a negotiated settlement.

• The Los Angeles Times reports that California-based S&S Foods “is recalling 153,630 pounds of frozen ground beef after an E. coli outbreak shut down a Boy Scout camp in Virginia this week and sickened at least 22 people.” The meat “was intended for institutional use and food service companies, which normally supply restaurants, and wasn't sold at the retail level. Before the recall, the beef was shipped to distribution centers in Milwaukee and Allentown, Pa., according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”

MSNBC reports that the French government is considering an increase in sales taxes on extra-fatty, salty or sugary products – a move that is being contemplated because of lack of satisfaction with previous efforts to combat the nation’s burgeoning obesity rate.

HealthDay News reports on a new study saying that Americans are drinking less alcohol than they did 50 years ago – with more people saying they don’t drink at all than would have said the same thing back in 1958. In addition, it appears that moderate drinking is on the rise, while heavy drinking is down. However, the same study suggests that alcoholism has not shown a corresponding decrease.

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