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The Los Angeles Times this morning reports that Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky has unveiled a legislative proposal that would require chain restaurants in the county with 15 or more units in the state to post calorie counts for all of their products. The proposal, if approved, could be in effect by the end of the year, and is seen as one way to combat the obesity epidemic.

The bill is similar to one that has been implemented in New York City.

The move comes in the wake of a decision by the Los Angeles City Council to put a one-year moratorium on the opening of fast food chains in the South Los Angeles section of the city, concerned that the proliferation of such outlets – and the lack of healthier alternatives – was increasing the obesity rate in those areas and causing local residents to have more than their share of obesity-related maladies.

KC's View:
Some will say that this is the nanny state at work yet again. Others will say that this is simple transparency.

I tend to side with the latter, though I do wish that chains would be open about such things on their own, making legislation unnecessary.