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• The St Petersburg Times reports that Publix Super Markets, which is acquiring 49 Albertsons stores in Florida, “smells blood. It sees the weakness of its rivals as time to expand its dominance among Tampa Bay area supermarkets by building a slew of new stores in addition to the Albertsons' locations that it's snapping up … (Publix is) expected to reopen every Albertsons purchased and keep open virtually all of its current Publix stores nearby. Speculation is rampant that a few will reopen under the Sabor or Greenwise flags, Publix's experimental supermarkets designed for Hispanic and natural/gourmet food fans, respectively. Some may be retooled into a Publix even if another Publix is two blocks away … The chain's goal: add most of Albertsons' 8 percent share of the Tampa Bay food market to Publix's current 38 percent.”

Advertising Age reports that while Procter & Gamble has pledged to reduce costs as the nation’s economy continues to tighten – taking such steps as closing a Massachusetts manufacturing facility and eliminating more than 200 jobs at Gillette’s South Boston headquarters - its advertising budget will remain intact at approximately 10.4 percent of annual sales. What P&G will do, according to the story, is mix up the media a bit, spending less on television commercials and more on alternatives.

• The Dallas Business Journal reports that Minyard Food Stores has informed the Texas Workforce Commission that a layoff “will impact 37 stores and approximately 2,387 employees after the grocery retailer sells its Carnival Super Market Brand and other Minyard-owned stores to Houston-based Grocers Supply Co. Inc. The announcement does not take into account the number of employees who will most likely be rehired by new store owners after the sale is complete,” according to a spokesman for Grocers Supply.

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