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USA Today has a story this morning about a new and alarming trend – the use of “skimming” devices that allow bad guys to steal people’s credit and debit card data.

According to the story, “The skimming devices can be installed outside or inside the pump. Thieves glue a plastic sleeve, equipped with covered wires that capture data, over the pump's card reader or connect the device directly to the reader inside. The devices are molded and painted to match the machine and are small, making them hard to detect.”

The US Secret Service, which investigates such crimes, won’t go so far as to call the trend an epidemic. But the trend is growing and has gotten the attention of law enforcement.

KC's View:
So now there are two sets of thieves to deal with when you’re pumping gas. The guys trying to steal your credit and debit card data, and the oil company executives who are reaping record profits on the backs of US citizens.

Hardly seems like a fair fight.